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Training Global Surgery Advocates: Strengthening the Global Surgery Voice

23 March 2020 | Xiya Ma, Dominique Vervoort, Dan Poenaru
Two-thirds of the world’s population lack access to essential surgical, obstetric and anesthesia care when needed. Interest in global surgery is growing exponentially, but the availability of a structured global surgery curriculum for medical trainees is lacking. Here, we present a novel, three-day workshop aimed to equip trainees with knowledge and advocacy skills and help develop future generations of global surgeons, anaesthesiologists, and obstetricians.

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Impact of a family medicine-based transitional care intervention on readmission and length of stay: a pilot study

20 February 2020 | Genevieve Arsenault-Lapierre, Bernardo Kremer, Nadia Sourial, Justin Gagnon, Mina Ladores, Isabelle Vedel
Transitional care interventions, often led by hospital specialists, have mixed impact on reducing readmissions. Interventions led by family physicians may be more promising. The objective of this study was to evaluate the impact of a family-medicine-based intervention in reducing the incidence of emergency department (ED) visits, hospital readmissions and the length of stay (LOS) of older patients. A quasi-experimental pilot-study was conducted at a Family Medicine Group (FMG) in Montreal.

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The Family Medicine-Based Virtual Ward: Qualitative Description of the Implementation Process

31 January 2020 | Justin Gagnon, Bernardo Kremer, Genevieve Arsenault-Lapierre, Araceli Gonzalez-Reyes, Mina Ladores, Isabelle Vedel
The family medicine-based virtual ward involves case management and multi-disciplinary follow-up care to patients transitioning from hospital to home. The aims of this study were to provide a description of the intervention, as adapted by the Montreal Jewish General Hospital family medicine group, and the process surrounding its implementation.