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MJM Special Issue

Primary Care

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Letter from the Editors
03 November 2017 | Lee H. Sterling, Rachel La Selva, Shawn (Zhuo) Shao
We are immensely proud to present this special issue of the McGill Journal of Medicine (MJM) focused on primary care in Quebec.

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Primary care in Quebec at the crossroads
03 November 2017 | Howard Bergman
Through all the rapid demographic and epidemiologic changes that have an impact on our healthcare systems, there is one clear global consensus: primary care, and in particular Family Medicine...

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Public Consultation: From Reflection to Action Quebec Health Politics and the Student Response
03 November 2017 | David Benrimoh
Healthcare is perhaps the place where there is the most direct and intimate contact between the government and the people it serves. It is also a place where the inherent power imbalance between patients who need care and the institutions that provide that care can lead to tension, frustration, and injustice.

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Primary Care Research: The Real Paradigmatic Plurality
03 November 2017 | Gillian Bartlett-Esquilant and Charo Rodriguez
For those not in the academic discipline, one of the first questions usually asked is, “What exactly is primary care research?” Of course, the short and relatively easy answer is to talk about what we mean by primary care and how our research supports the quality and delivery of primary health care.

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The Role of Nurses in Primary Care Reform: “The Wheel and Hub of Health Care System
03 November 2017 | Nina Mamishi
The McGill Primary Healthcare Symposium in 2016 highlighted the interdisciplinary accord on the challenges that the Québec primary healthcare system has chronically been facing. It was accentuated that all proposed reform models lacked a focus on the role of nurses, reflecting the solitary medical team dominance.

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Poor primary care access in Quebec: Barriers and solutions to access during an acute episode
03 November 2017 | Claire Godard-Sebillotte, Mélanie Le Berre, Nadia Sourial, Isabelle Vedel
One likely cause of Quebec’s poor primary care access is the practice of annual exams among the healthy population. This practice is widespread in North America; in 2009, annual exams were the second leading cause of medical consultation in Canada and in the United States (3)

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Canada Versus the World: The Validity and Usefulness of Ranking Healthcare Systems by Country
03 November 2017 | Gabriel Cartman
Canada is frequently defined by its healthcare system, which can be seen by Canadians as a source of both pride and frustration. Fans and critics of Canadian healthcare often compare our system to those of other countries in order to emphasize the strengths and weaknesses of our model.

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Québec’s Emergency Room Overcrowding and Long Wait Times: Don’t Apply “Band-Aids”, Treat the Underlying Disease!
03 November 2017 | Svetlana Puzhko
A report by Québec Health and Welfare commissioner Robert Salois, released on June 2, 2016, stated the obvious: our province has “the worst emergency [department] (ED) wait times in the Western world”.

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Family Physician Hospitalists: the Good and the Bad
03 November 2017 | Satya Rashi Khare
Hospitalists are physicians whose primary professional focus is the general medical care of hospitalized patients without the responsibility for care post-discharge (1,2). In Canada, the majority of hospitalists are family physicians (3).

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Small Town, Big Picture
03 November 2017 | Kevin Gorsky and Tyler Safran
Time moves a bit slower in the countryside. The people are friendly, neighbours look out for one another, and denizens are grateful for the miles that separate them from the high-octane hustle of city life. When a city-slicker tries to integrate into this new world, certain dichotomies quickly become apparent.

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Bill 20: Improvement of Access to Healthcare or Mass Exodus?
03 November 2017 | Jamie DeMore
The current version of Bill 20, formally titled, "An Act to enact the Act to promote access to family medicine and specialized medicine services and to amend various legislative provisions relating to assisted procreation", was passed on November 10, 2015 amidst great controversy.

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Assessing and Improving Processes and Outcomes of the McGill Primary Health Care Research Network
03 November 2017 | Zhida Shang, Justin Gagnon, Vera Granikov, Rosario Rodiguez, Pierre Pluye
Researcher-clinician partnerships as an approach to improving clinical practice have grown in popularity in recent years. An example of such a collaboration is the McGill Primary Health Care Research Network (hereinafter called the Network).

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Is My Blood Pressure OK?
03 November 2017 | Anita Raj
Before I entered medical school, I knew little about what family doctors did. I had one as a child, but he soon retired and I remember very little of him. However, during my medical training several years later, I had the opportunity to work with many family doctors.

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03 November 2017 | Yi Tong
With this piece, I wanted to show the ubiquity of primary care: care for patients of all ages, from the infant to the elderly, and their long-term follow-up, accompanying them from the cradle to old age and through major life events...

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A Reflection on Longitudinal Family Medicine
03 November 2017 | Alyssa Smith, Lucy Shum, Burnett Johnson
During their first year of medical school McGill students take part in the Longitudinal Family Medicine Experience program.