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Pioneers in Anesthesia: The Bourne Generation

12 August 2019 | Robin Manaloor
A reflection and essay on the life and achievements of Dr. Wesley Bourne. As an early pioneer in the history of Canadian anesthesiology, Dr. Bourne would pave the path for an entire generation of anesthesiologists to come.

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12 May 2019 | Kacper Niburski
The heart is open and I wonder if my feet smell. Much of the room seems too busy to notice. The surgeon is making a joke about the shaky season of the Toronto Maple Leafs. The attendants laugh in unison. The perfusionists look to their dials, turn one, turn off another, and gaze my way with a nod. Do they smell it too?

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Karate Chops and Kitchen Tools: My experience learning new skills alongside youth with special needs at Montreal’s Friendship Circle

25 March 2019 | Josie Cipolla
As part of our second year in medical school, we are required to seek out a volunteer placement in order to get exposed to the social aspect of medicine, exploring the social determinants of health up-close and personally. This is accomplished through a course called the Community Health Alliance Project (CHAP).