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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Secondary to Acute Thrombosis of Persistent Median Artery and Review of the Literature

30 April 2019 | Antoine Lessard, Elisabeth Lorange, James Lee
We report a case in which a twenty-eight-year-old manual labourer presented with acute thrombosis in a persistent median artery which triggered acute carpal tunnel symptoms. A bifid median nerve was found upon carpal tunnel release. The knowledge of the existence of this anatomic variation is important in order to prevent inadvertent injury.

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Neurotized latissimus dorsi flap: functional lower limb coverage in subacute trauma reconstruction

20 December 2017 | Julie Chakriya Kvann, Stephanie Thibaudeau, Alain Joe Azzi, Teeanoosh Zadeh
In the reconstruction of the mangled lower extremity, muscle flaps are well known for their reliable use in soft tissue coverage, however, very few reports document their functional reconstruction potential as neurotized muscle flaps. This case illustrates that free neurotized latissimus dorsi flaps are a good option for long-term functional reconstruction in the mangled lower extremity.