Original Research

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Omalizumab Treatment for Severe Atopic Asthma in a Real World Montréal Cohort

16 January 2018 | David Haile-Meskale, Ron Olivenstein, Toby Mcgovern, Cathy Fugere, James G. Martin
Severe atopic asthma is poorly controlled with standard treatments, including optimally dosed corticosteroids. A humanized monoclonal antibody binding immunoglobulin E, omalizumab, is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to treat poorly controlled asthma with elevated serum IgE levels.

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Assessing and Improving Processes and Outcomes of the McGill Primary Health Care Research Network

03 November 2017 | Zhida Shang, Justin Gagnon, Vera Granikov, Rosario Rodiguez, Pierre Pluye
Researcher-clinician partnerships as an approach to improving clinical practice have grown in popularity in recent years. An example of such a collaboration is the McGill Primary Health Care Research Network (hereinafter called the Network).