David Benrimoh

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Public Consultation: From Reflection to Action Quebec Health Politics and the Student Response

03 November 2017 | David Benrimoh
Healthcare is perhaps the place where there is the most direct and intimate contact between the government and the people it serves. It is also a place where the inherent power imbalance between patients who need care and the institutions that provide that care can lead to tension, frustration, and injustice.

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Deep Learning: A New Horizon for Personalized Treatment of Depression?

26 June 2018 | David A Benrimoh, Sonia Israel, Robert Fratila, Kelly Perlman
Globally, depression affects over 300 million people at any given time and is the leading cause of disability. While different patients may benefit more from different therapies, there is no principled way for clinicians to predict individual patient responses or side effect profiles.